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It really works :)
But true that it is hard to collect $200 a month, no matter what the month is. So here’s what I do in Order to fullfill with The plan and see inmediate results for self-motivation:
Since the last 12 weeks are the hardest, I change each of them for every first month’s week while weeks 2nd, 3rd and 4th remains. Example of january:
Week#1: 52€
Week#2: 2€
Week#3: 3€
Week#4: 4€
Week#5: 51€
Week#6: 6€
Week#7: 7€
Week#8: 8€
Week#9: 50€ etc
Thus these weeks that have been replaced (#1, 5, 9… ) will be set on the last 12 weeks of the year, meaning (I’m using the aprox month):
Week#41: 1€
Week#42: 5€
Week#43: 9€
Week#44: 13€
And so on up to week#52: 45€
Total x october: 28€; for november: 92€; and december: 166€
A last quarter a bit more affordable and a saving year more balanced, isn’t it?
By the way: I love to see how my glass jar content physically grows while you will retrieved with a number If you save in a bank account, same size every month. Each person needs to test if the moral injection of the increasing visual effect is worthy (as in my case) in front of some more euros -not so visual- in the bank. I put it into a bank account only after each year collection.
If too much for your incomes, fill in a jar with 1€/day.
I do both jars and I get 1743€ every year, it is an effort much lower than saving it All in one go.
Hope it helps!

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Dori Grayson Try Love Got Nobody To LoveDori Grayson Try Love Got Nobody To Love