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Parkinson's disease has been reported to affect approximately 1 percent of Americans over 50 years of age, 1 but unrecognized early symptoms of the disease may be present in as many as 10 percent of those over 60 years of age. 2 Early-onset Parkinson's disease, which often affects persons in their 20s, is receiving more attention because of its impact on employability. Epidemiologic studies conducted in the United States have found that Parkinson's disease is more prevalent in men than in women (approximate ratio: 3:2). 2

Around the year 1000 , the Maiar arrived at the Grey Havens in the west of Eriador upon the shores of Middle-earth, having the form of old Men, whom the peoples called Wizards . Curumo arrived first and alone, and Aiwendil arrived at the same time as Olórin. [1]

Projections Hyperactive IndividualProjections Hyperactive IndividualProjections Hyperactive IndividualProjections Hyperactive Individual