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Issues #1-9 published by Curtis Magazines , issues #10-98 by Magazine Management Co. , and issues #99-235 by Marvel Comics.

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When I purchased this rifle for about $200, I wondered if I should have just found a used .22 for $120. But every time I take this rifle to the range, Iā€™m glad I paid the extra money for the Savage.

When Detour entered the public domain , it was frequently syndicated on television channels, and released in numerous VHS incarnations. Gaining cult status [2] and garnering critical acclaim as "arguably film noir's greatest low-budget feature", this exposure earned Savage a new, younger, following. [1] From the 1980s, Savage also attended a number of film festivals , helping to bolster her personal status, and leading her to emerge once more as "a glamorous figure-about-Hollywood at film festivals and galas". [1]

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Original Green Lantern Alan Scott (in comics, his very first opponent) has been portrayed as one of Savage's main enemies, as well as the original Flash, Jay Garrick. It has been revealed that Savage refers to Hawkman ā€“ who has been reincarnated for a few millennia ā€“ as "the cockroach". At present, in DC universe, Savage is about 52,000 years old, although different numbers have been given in the past, from one million years in his first depiction, to 37,000 years in recent issues of JSA: Classified.

The rotary magazine caused the bottom of the action to be rounded, which fit naturally in the hand. In an "Instructions for Use" guide that came with a rifle made in the 1950's, Savage encouraged customers to carry the rifle fully loaded, as it would balance perfectly if carried at the bottom of the rounded action. This is why so many rifles still around today, have receivers with worn bottoms. The rotary magazine would hold five cartridges, thus enabling the rifle to be fully loaded with a total of six shots. Another of its prominent aesthetic features was the color case hardened trigger guard and lever. This provided a distinguishing touch to an already attractive rifle.

Savage Circle Savage CircleSavage Circle Savage CircleSavage Circle Savage CircleSavage Circle Savage Circle