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The story takes place in the world created by author Terry Goodkind in his fantasy novel series, The Sword of Truth . The three main provinces are Westland, the Midlands and D'Hara. Westland is separated from the Midlands by a magical boundary, which was created to prevent any magic from entering Westland. On the other side of the Midlands is D'Hara, which is ruled by Darken Rahl . Seekers are accompanied by a Wizard of The First Order and Confessors, an ancient order of women, who oversee the welfare of the people of the Midlands and the Seeker.

Their playstyle can also be compared to the Liberator sub-clan, but they have a wider range of units to choose from when they superior call instead of just looking at the top 3-5 cards of the deck but also have a relatively higher cost.

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