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Opera Australia's co-production with the Royal Opera House , London, was acclaimed both by public and critics. Reviews emphasized that Andrea Molino's "and the orchestra’s sumptuous sounds, supple phrasing and textural clarity revealed every aspect of its multifaceted brilliance" (The Australian), and were amazed that he conducted from memory.

Hardened, uncomprimising drug dealer Roemello Skuggs decides to quit his scumbag profession so he may start a new life with his girlfriend. However, he soon learns getting out is nowhere near as easy as getting in, as everything gradually builds up to end in tragedy. Written by <[email protected]>

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Gerneral Tango Terms; Canyengue: Arrabalero, of low social status. A way of interpreting or dancing tango: A reunion (party) where the people from the arrabal ...

This is an alphabetical list of composers from Italy , whose notability is established by reliable sources in other Wikipedia articles. For guidance on how an individual name should be sorted, please refer to the person's linked article (including title, text, references, and any DefaultSort templates visible when editing) and to the English Wikipedia guidelines at WP:SUR .

We stand by Vera Pizza Napoletana which is a movement to protect the style of pizza traditionally found in Naples. Secolo’s certified head pizzaiolo, Francesco Spataro, is very well known for his skill in creating authentic Neapolitan-style pizza which we are excited to share with you.

Mario Molino Mario Molino 4 HawaianaMario Molino Mario Molino 4 HawaianaMario Molino Mario Molino 4 HawaianaMario Molino Mario Molino 4 Hawaiana