Flash you really got me - Do You Really Need to Eject Your Flash Drive (or Device.

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You will make your own way down to the Chateau in order to arrive here on the Thursday afternoon. The best route is an overnight ferry from Portsmouth which will get you into Le Havre, Caen or Cherbourg early in the morning. You then have all day to ride down here at a relaxed pace. The next FOUR days are all about riding. Departure is on morning of the Tuesday following your arrival.

NDS Magic Key 2 and 3 announced.
Neo Flash team has announced the details for their new Nintendo DS roms cards MagicKey2 and NDS Magic Key 3 . Check back soon as we are posting more details as soon as we get them.

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The bitmap test was designed to simulate a tower defense type game. The test stresses pushing around lots of bitmap assets that animate each frame. The entire rectangle view needs to be cleared each frame to account for all the changes happening in the scene. The test supports a minimal amount of z depth ordering but not so much as to cause user scripts to take more then 1 millisecond to execute. Both environments are using anti-aliasing to scale the bitmap images.

I am stuck with Flash 8 which is a bit naff. I would love to upgrade to Flash 9 with Actionscript but I am skint. So if you are rich and are looking to help out with this project click here !

Flash You Really Got MeFlash You Really Got MeFlash You Really Got MeFlash You Really Got Me