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The exhibition is accompanied by a survey publication produced by the LUMA Foundation in collaboration with Phaidon Press. The book features two newly commissioned essays by architect, critic, theorist and Dean Emeritus of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Prof. Mark Wigley, and Philippe Trétiack, a Paris-based architecture critic and author, and includes a wealth of historical and archival material on the twelve constructions exhibited at LUMA Arles, and Prouvé’s oeuvre in general.

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- Maman, y fait soif!
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As a copula verb that is somewhat semantically empty . It is not perfectly equivalent to copulae in other languages (such as English be , French être , Japanese です ( desu ) ), as it only links the subject to a noun; it is completely incompatible with adjectives. In other words, one can say Tôi là mẹ nó "I be his mother", but not * Tôi là ngốc "*I be silly". Teachers of foreign languages typically translate copulae of those languages to , but also to thì (for linking to adjectives) to compensate this incompatibility.

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