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Other factors which make a sense of shame and embarrassment so common when it comes to dental fear and phobia may include an emphasis on beauty and perfection in modern Western society and – dare I mention it – the fact that the mouth is an erogenous zone.

1670s, "perplex, throw into doubt," from French embarrasser (16c.), literally "to block," from embarras "obstacle," from Italian imbarrazzo , from imbarrare "to bar," from in- "into, upon" (see in- (2)) + Vulgar Latin *barra "bar."

Meaning "hamper, hinder" is from 1680s. Meaning "make (someone) feel awkward" first recorded 1828. Original sense preserved in embarras de richesse (1751), from French (1726): the condition of having more wealth than one knows what to do with. Related: Embarrassed ; embarrassing ; embarrassingly .

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Brené Brown tells the following true story that she heard in her research which clearly shows the difference between embarrassment and humiliation.

When my wife noticed my texts and calls during Mass and realized she had to leave, she gave simple instructions to our oldest daughter: Go to Dorrie (a grandmother in the parish) , and sit with her for the rest of Mass. She’ll give you a ride home afterwards.

Hoarders prefer to purchase new appliances when the old ones break, because the thought of having repairmen at the house is too overwhelming. Steve, a hoarder for fifteen years, confessed that he did without a refrigerator for three years because he could not let anyone in his home to repair the one that broke, and he could not have a new one delivered because there was no space for it. As you can see, although there are a few overlapping qualities between hoarders and collectors, there are plenty of differences too.

The Embarrassment RetrospectiveThe Embarrassment RetrospectiveThe Embarrassment RetrospectiveThe Embarrassment Retrospective