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All over California people are talking about 25 year old powerhouse vocalist CASEY HENSLEY. Her talent and power are taking the Blues world by storm. Surrounding herself with only the best musicians, and heavily influenced by all of the greats, it is no wonder she has everyone talking. CASEY HENSLEY LIVE FEATURING LAURA CHAVEZ matches […]

1. Good Riddence (Time Of Your Life)
2. Spellbound
3. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile
4. Oh Marie
5. The King Of Broken Hearts
6. Big Town Girl
7. My Window Faces The South
8. Song For The Life
9. Showdown
10. When Elvis Broke The News
11. Dreaming As One
12. You Know You Just Might
13. Looks Like Love
14. A Better Place

“My approach is very hands-on, so plan on playing in this class. We will also have open discussions about swing piano and music in general, so I encourage students to make a list of questions we can address during these discussions. We will focus on some of the basics of jazz / swing piano such as the circle of fifths (dominants), key signatures, music listening, and recognition of common chord progressions (rhythm changes, blues, etc.). We will also focus on understanding chord symbols, including voicing techniques on commonly used chords such as major, minor, and dominant. We’ll discuss solo playing vs. ensemble playing and diatonic harmony and how it applies to jazz and popular music. We’ll experiment with different approaches to improvising (for instance, using chord scales and playing by ear or transcription). We will work on tunes that have been selected for Blues & Swing Week as well as other classic standards, but feel free to bring any music or tunes that are of interest to you as well.

The Son Seals Blues Band is the 1973 debut album by Son Seals , released by Alligator Records. It was produced by Son Seals and Bruce Iglauer and released on CD in 1993.

Son Seals Blues Band The Son Seals Blues BandSon Seals Blues Band The Son Seals Blues BandSon Seals Blues Band The Son Seals Blues BandSon Seals Blues Band The Son Seals Blues Band