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Yesss, all of Junot Diaz’ books are captivating. He’s releasing his first children’s book next spring! So great <3

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Gloria got up and taking my hard-on in her hand led me through the patio doors. She let me go as she stepped through and I watched, fascinated, as her arse moved suggestively as she walked away from me. Following her into the kitchen she asked me to wait there and she'd be back shortly. By now I was like a puppy dog. Although I was trying not to show it, I would of followed her every command. I still would. She had that much control over me. Anyone would of thought I'd just lost my virginity.

I watched those gorgeous legs climb the stairs and then the sound of her sandals clicking on the wooden floor of the landing. I stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do or what was going to happen next. In just a few minutes I heard the sound of her heels coming back and looked up just as she reached the top of the stairs. Gloria I noticed had re-applied her lipstick put on her short black robe and her 4" black stiletto's. But the most important thing I noticed, was that under her robe she was completely naked. The robe was untied and had been left to hang naturally. She looked so tasty. I couldn't take my eyes away from her body. She looked like pure sex on legs. I hear you laughing, but that's exactly how I felt. I was in awe of her. My twitching cock, gave testimony to that.

She reached the floor and literally strutted towards me. Watching me all the time. I reached down and cup my aching balls as she stopped beside me. She grabbed my hand, telling me that's enough wanking. Our lips met and we kissed for the first time. I can honestly say, I've never been kissed like that before in my life. It was so passionate and wanton I nearly came on the spot. Just from kissing. Gloria's tits were pressed up against me and I touched them for the first time. I don't know what I expected, but they were surprisingly firm. As large as they were, they didn't sag a great deal or wrinkle.

We broke our kiss and Gloria stepped away from me and turned around and headed towards the lounge. I followed like an obedient dog, watching her sexy legs as she walked. She sat down in a plush armchair, crossing her long legs. I sat on the sofa opposite, unable to look away. Her right ankle was swinging and I longed to cross over and grab a hold of it.

Gloria suddenly stood, glanced at me and walked over to the TV. She bent at the waist and her robe rose up, revealing the bottom half of her bum cheeks. "Why don't I put a film on."

I was non-plussed. What the hell was going on? Is my grandma the ultimate prick-tease or what?. This was a game I didn't understand. I wasn't, in any way shape or form, in control.

I shrugged, eventually. "Go ahead, you choose."

"OK love. We'll watch this one. It's one of our favourites. You'll like this, it's got lots of action."

She pushed the DVD into the slot and went back to her chair. I watched her the whole time, lazily stroking my hard-on.

The film started and something caught my eye. It was a home movie. But the weird thing was I recognised grandma's back garden and pool. I quickly glanced at her' but she never met my eyes. A title appeared on the screen, "Poolside Dykes". Gloria still hadn't looked my way. I kept watching. I watched as the camera zoomed in and settled on a face I knew. Mable. She was wearing shades, but there was no mistaking it was her. She looked into the camera and seductively licked her lips. The camera moved away from her and settled on Sandra. She too was wearing shades. She also licked her lips. The camera moved once more to the right ,and there was Gloria.

You'd of thought that the title of the film would of given me some sort of clue. But I really didn't expect to see what I saw next. The camera pulled back so the it captured all three in the frame. Sandra then unclipped her bikini top and she hefted her large breasts towards the viewer. Gloria watched and pretty soon, her and Mable followed suit. It wasn't long before all three ladies were titting themselves up. To save you the boredom of having to read what you obviously know what happened next, I'll cut it short. It's true to say, there was lots of sucking and dildo action. They were obviously into this. At one stage in the movie, all three were doing something to each other. It was very erotic.

I hadn't been able to take my eyes of the movie. I hadn't heard or even felt Gloria move. I suddenly felt her stood beside me. Her bald pussy was just inches from my face. So close I could smell her sex. I reached up and slid my hand underneath her open robe and pulled her towards me as I grabbed her arse cheek. She guessed what was going to happen and lifted a foot onto the edge of the sofa, opening her legs. I pushed my face as hard as I could into her and licked her cunt like I hadn't eaten for weeks. Gloria's hand came around the back of my and grabbed my hair, forcing me in deeper.

"That's it darling......... eat me...... eat my wet pussy."

I couldn't answer. I'd been shocked at the size of her clit. It was enormous. So long it was like a miniature dick. It was easy to chew on, that's for sure. As I gnawed on her, Gloria's breath was coming in pants and the thrusting or her pelvis was getting stronger. She was literally grinding her wet cunt all over my face. Using me as some sort of sex toy. I was in ecstasy. The urgency coming from her was kind of desperate now and with a lunge that I believe would of killed a small man, she came, all over my face. I got my face out from between her legs and moved behind her. I wanted to fuck this woman so badly. It didn't matter shit, who she was anymore. My mind was a constant whirl of sex. Everything around me caused me to think of her and sex. Well, I was going to give her the fucking of her life.

I pushed her until she had no choice but to kneel on the sofa, with her hands on the back. I lifted her robe up so I could get to her delectable bum. I let my hands roam all over it, slipping the odd finger in between the cheeks. She was moving her bum around, acting like a whore.

I was living every boys dream. Not about fucking their grandmas', but fucking the classy older woman. And if you're a man reading this, and you dispute what I'm saying, think back to when you saw Tina Turner in Mad Max 3 and tell me you never imagined yourself screwing the arse off her. If you cant, then your in denial. Admittedly, Gloria isn't Tina Turner, but trust me when I say, she looks as good, if not even better.

I pushed one then another finger inside her sopping pussy. She was working her bum and I had to stand back to watch. Little mewing sounds were coming from her and she was sounding like a wanton hussy.

"For god's sake Bobby. I need your cock........... You can look as much as you want, whenever you want, just fuck me now." Gloria said breathlessly.

"Oh I'm gonna fuck you all right. So fucking hard."

"Come on then. Stop looking, stop talking and do it. I want to feel that big knob in me."

I stepped up close and taking my cock in my hand I toyed with her cunt lips with the helmet. As I stroked my cock between her lips I slowly inserted it, a millimetre at a time. This was really difficult as all my instincts were telling me to shove it straight in up to my balls and just fuck until I gave her a load. Gloria was in fact pushing back trying to force me in her, but every time she did, I pulled back. Making her wait till I was ready. This might be the only chance I got to tease her.

"Don't mess around Bobby. Give it to me hard." Gloria said as she reached behind her and grabbed my arse, pushing her long nails into me. I shoved another couple of inches in and a deep groan came from deep inside her.

For myself, I'd never felt anything like this. Her cunt was really and I mean, really wet. But it was also really tight. I never expected that. I could feel my control slipping. I was starting to move with more urgency. I pulled away from her wet pussy and it made a sucking noise as I escaped her lips. I aimed and slammed myself back into her.

"That's it Bobby. Fuck me hard,................. fuck me harder........... Wow, your cocks so big and fat............... It hurts it's so fat.................... I've wanted this all day. Do me...... been so long."

I didn't last too long. After a few minute I gave an almighty lunge and spurted my cum deep in her belly.

"FUCK YESsssssssssss......... that's just what I needed. Promise you'll give me some more." Gloria said as she pulled off me, spun round and took my cum laden cock into her mouth and sucked and licked until I was totally cleaned. The only problem with that was she'd managed to make me hard again. And so began a night of sex and debauchery of which I've ever experienced. But I never knew then what I know now...........

To Be Continued.........................

Tina Turner I Cant Stand The RainTina Turner I Cant Stand The RainTina Turner I Cant Stand The RainTina Turner I Cant Stand The Rain