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Two concept albums , of high musical development but little massive understanding, was their next works, both published in 1992. Pichanga was developed a work based on poems by Nicanor Parra , based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child , which involved institutions like UNICEF , Raddabarnen of Sweden, Terranova of Italy, and the Ministry of Education of Chile. Fuegos del hielo was composed for a modern ballet, in a contemporary classical music style, referring to the extinction of the ethnic groups of the far south of Chile such as Alacalufes , Aonikenk , Yaganes and Selknam . The work was exhibited at Teatro Municipal de Santiago as well as in the Festival of Italica in Seville, Spain, and the Opera of Budapest, in Hungary, among many other places in the old continent. Each of these works was complex for the general public, confirming the limited commercial vocation of Congreso. Although the group moved away from rankings and charts, remained close to a public of high fidelity. Dedicated to his musical trades separately, the members of the band for a while down the intensity of creation together until 1994, when, through 25 años de música (a live album, with featured guests like Isabel Parra , Inti- Illimani, Eduardo Gatti , Argentine León Gieco and several former members of the group), reviewed its history of more than four hours of uninterrupted music.

Terra Incógnita, an Album by Congreso . Released in 1975 on London (catalog no. SLLC-38683; Vinyl LP). Genres: Progressive Folk, South American Folk Music, Andean Rock.

Congreso Terra IncognitaCongreso Terra IncognitaCongreso Terra IncognitaCongreso Terra Incognita