Ferrum shoot me - WhyDoThingsHaveToChange: FERRUM - Shoot Me 7 1979

I left in tears, and then the Griffins and Pony came with axes and destroyed the forest. I watched it all unfold from my cottage. The horrific tragedy that left thousands of innocent creatures homeless. All left to fend for them selves. I helped as much as I could... But there were simply too many for me to handle. Most of the poor creatures passed... I knew this would happen! If only they would listen! But no, they didn't care. If it was even slightly inconvenient for them, to Tartarus with it. They wanted the quickest and easiest route possible. That route destroyed thousands of creatures home. That however, was only the beginning.

Ferrum Shoot MeFerrum Shoot MeFerrum Shoot MeFerrum Shoot Me