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But my biggest brush with CKLW was being a contestant in early 1969 in its "Time Machine" contest. The contestant picked any year of the 20th century in advance. Then the station played its account of a news event. If the event happened in the year you guessed, you won $500. Of course, the thought of playing it was a pipe dream, because you'd get a busy signal after dialing the fourth digit; it was practically a reflex action to hang up and try again when the voice on the other line told me I was the correct caller. The year of the event from the last hour was 1917; I made up my mind to guess 1965. The event? The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution -- 1964. Just one year away from $500! As Maxwell Smart would have said, "Missed it by THAT MUCH!" I did get a little 1969 calendar just for playing. The next phone line to be jammed was mine as friends from school -- all of whom listened to CKLW -- tried to call me to tell me that they had heard me.

Please give as generously as you can so the MS Education Program can host as many future family education and support days as possible.

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Alternatively, you can phone MS Connect (Freecall 1800 042 138 ) and ask to be called back with an interpreter who speaks your language.

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Vicki Sue Robinson Hold TightVicki Sue Robinson Hold TightVicki Sue Robinson Hold TightVicki Sue Robinson Hold Tight