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Jobs's biological mother Schieble became pregnant with him in 1954 when she and Jandali spent the summer with his family in Homs , Syria. Jandali has stated that he "was very much in love with Joanne ... but sadly, her father was a tyrant, and forbade her to marry me, as I was from Syria. And so she told me she wanted to give the baby up for adoption." [17] Jobs told his official biographer that Schieble's father was dying at the time, Schieble did not want to aggravate him, and both felt that at 23 they were too young to marry. [12] In addition, as there was a strong stigma against bearing a child out of wedlock and raising it as a single mother, and as abortions were illegal and dangerous, adoption was the only option women had in the United States in 1954. [15] According to Jandali, Schieble deliberately did not involve him in the process: "without telling me, Joanne upped and left to move to San Francisco to have the baby without anyone knowing, including me ... she did not want to bring shame onto the family and thought this was the best for everyone." [17] Schieble put herself in the care of a "doctor who sheltered unwed mothers, delivered their babies, and quietly arranged closed adoptions." [12]

Impacts: Nelson had six touchdowns in the five games he and Aaron Rodgers (collarbone) both started and finished this season, but the veteran wideout otherwise was held out of the end zone completely while failing to top 35 yards in a game after Week 6. Brett Hundley's poor play obviously gets some of the blame, but it's impossible to completely absolve Nelson when considering that Davante Adams (concussion) continued to produce at a high level. Friday's announcement of a long-term extension for Adams brings Nelson's situation to the forefront, with the 32-year-old wideout entering the final season of his own contract, scheduled for a $ million base salary in 2018. Even if he sticks around, Nelson is unlikely to regain his long-time standing as the No. 1 target in the Green Bay passing game, given that Adams has proven to be the superior player at this point in their respective careers. Slot receiver Randall Cobb also will be entering the final year of his contract and likewise seems to be in danger of facing an offseason ultimatum.

Walter Brennan Old RiversWalter Brennan Old RiversWalter Brennan Old RiversWalter Brennan Old Rivers