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Christmas comes but once a year,
Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat,
Clap, clap handies,
Cock, cock, cock, cock,
Cocks crow in the morn
Cold and raw the north wind doth blow,
Come when you're called,
Cross patch, draw the latch,
Cry, baby, cry,
Curly-locks, Curly-locks, wilt thou be mine?
Cushy cow, bonny, let down thy milk,

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* Optical viewfinder
* 3-inch LCD monitor
* Scene intelligent automatic mode
* Full HD
* Five creative filters
* Auto white balance

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India Lesson Plan (710K)
Setting: India, . 720
Activities: Students research and create a Book of Knowledge about India and they spend time learning about games from various cultures.
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7. Non-dairy yogurt
While many non-dairy yogurts contain a lot of excessive ingredients--some of which are not recommended (like  carrageenan )-- in a pinch you can use it as an egg replacer. One quarter cup yogurt is a good substitute for 1 egg in baked goods.

Egg Seven Is A Jolly Good TimeEgg Seven Is A Jolly Good TimeEgg Seven Is A Jolly Good TimeEgg Seven Is A Jolly Good Time