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Many post-punk artists were initially inspired by punk's DIY ethic and energy, [7] but ultimately became disillusioned with the style and movement, feeling that it had fallen into commercial formula, rock convention and self-parody. [20] They repudiated its populist claims to accessibility and raw simplicity, instead seeing an opportunity to break with musical tradition, subvert commonplaces and challenge audiences. [21] [7] Artists moved beyond punk's focus on the concerns of a largely white, male, working class population [22] and abandoned its continued reliance on established rock and roll tropes, such as three-chord progressions and Chuck Berry -based guitar riffs . [23] These artists instead defined punk as "an imperative to constant change", believing that "radical content demands radical form". [24]

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Tuxedomoon Desire No TearsTuxedomoon Desire No TearsTuxedomoon Desire No TearsTuxedomoon Desire No Tears