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Despite quoting the anarchist, who openly admitted that the black clothing and covered faces were used to evade police officers while committing crimes, the New York Times attempted to claim that the style is a safety measure to prevent being identified by “white supremacist groups.”

The dramedy (it draws as much from the era’s Boyz n the Hood as its Clerks ) premiered in January in Sundance's Next section, where it won the Audience Award and drew critical praise ( THR ’s John DeFore said it “demonstrates a strong kinship with the indie cinema of that period, yet feels wholly alive in our present moment."). Gook will screen in Little Tokyo on Saturday night — the 25 th anniversary of the riots – as the centerpiece film of the . Asian Pacific Film Festival and complete the festival circuit before receiving a theatrical release via Samuel Goldwyn Films in August. Chon spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his personal connection to the . riots and the surprising bonding that took place on set with his father (Sang Chon), who plays a supporting role in the film: "When you think of your parents, you think of them as the people who tell you to rip your napkin in half because you need to use it twice. You don't think of them as artists."

The Riots I Can Go On Youre My BabyThe Riots I Can Go On Youre My BabyThe Riots I Can Go On Youre My BabyThe Riots I Can Go On Youre My Baby