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There are in Purgatory, souls who pray ardently to God, but for whom no relative or friend prays on earth. God makes them benefit from the prayers of other people.

When we die the amount of Justice or Mercy we will be treated with is up to us and it depends on how merciful we ourselves have been in our lives. Jesus in His Beattitudes said (See Mathew 5; 7 ) "Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive Mercy") All the Beattitudes seem to apply to the next life. When we die repenting of our sins and if we have been very merciful and forgiving in our own lives we will receive a lot of mercy, if we were not very merciful we will receive a lot of Justice from God and be sent to purgatory for a certain lenght of time. In the "Our Father" prayer we say "Forgive us....AS we forgive ".

Purgatory PurgatoryPurgatory PurgatoryPurgatory PurgatoryPurgatory Purgatory