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Slim Poke is on the couch with his girlfriend, when her daughter, Riley Reed, walks in to show them her new cheerleading routine. Slim gets a little more than a show and cannot keep his eyes off her. He nervously looks back at his girlfriend cooking in the kitchen, when Riley asks him to pull out his dick. She wanted to verify that he in fact had a huge cock like her mom always told her that he had. Riley pulled his monster cock out and tried to see if she could slide it far down her throat. After choking on his huge dick for some time, it was time to try and fit it in her tiny little pussy. His monstrous cock stretched her little pussy in several different positions, making her squirt several times. All culminating with a giant load to her face.

 · I think it's important to mention that this is not another greedy prick locking half the game behind a $25 paywall, so that alone is enough to get my approval.

21. ___ Dantès, the Count of Monte Cristo : EDMOND
“The Count of Monte Cristo” is an 1844 novel by the French author Alexandre Dumas. Dumas’ other famous title is “The Three Musketeers”.

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The Dantes Cant Get Enough Of Your LoveThe Dantes Cant Get Enough Of Your LoveThe Dantes Cant Get Enough Of Your LoveThe Dantes Cant Get Enough Of Your Love